Does your spouse, partner or family member:

  • Shove, punch, choke or beat you?
  • Insult or degrade you repeatedly?
  • Hide or destroy important papers?
  • Force you to have sex or rape you?
  • Keep you from having access to the family’s income?
  • Isolate you from friends and family?
  • Threaten to take your children away?
  • Threaten to hurt or deport you or your children?
You have the right to be safe in your home and with the people closest to you.

Domestic violence often gets worse unless you get help.

If you are being abused, you can take control. There are plenty of people to help you.

Safety Alert:

Computer use can be monitored. It is impossible to completely hide your messages and the websites you have looked at. If you are afraid that your computer usage might be monitored, please use a safer computer, call your local hotline, or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at (1-800-799-SAFE).

Peace in the Home Helpline

The toll-free Peace in the Home Helpline offers one-call access that connects limited-English speaking domestic violence victims to a community-based agency in the Seattle-King County area that can serve their language and service needs. Callers can get help in 14 languages: Amharic, Chinese, Japanese, Khmer, Lao, Russian, Romanian, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Tigrigna, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. For more info contact:






¿Alguien la está lastimando?

Tiene derecho a sentirse segura en su hogar. Presione aquí para información sobre la persona que puede ayudarla, y qué puede hacer sobre su caso de violencia doméstica